Our frequently asked questions:

 (Q) Is FadellaPay an Escrow Agent?

 (A) No FadellaPay is an Escrow forwarding agent this means we store some funds but also contract out to a range of nominated Escrow Agents.

 (Q) Is FadellaPay only for selling?

(A) No if you are selling a product or business or you are buying a product or service you can use FadellaPay

(Q) Does FadellaPay do any security checks?(A) Yes we complete a full business background and credit check(Q) When are funds get released?

(A) Once both parties the funder of funds and the recipient agree to release the funds,the monies are released.

(Q) How do I use FundellaPay?

(A) Register your email and choose a password, you will be sent a verification link. Once registered simply choose if you are a buyer or a seller, choose if you are selling the amount you wish to fund and complete the registration page. Your application will then be reviewed.

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