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We are a one-stop destination to get connected with the best escrow partners for any transaction

As a buyer or a seller of any resources or products or a consumer or a service provider for any services, engaging an escrow agency is surely a smart way to secure your interest. But, the question is, where will you find such a reliable escrow partner? If you really aspire to get the benefits from the services of an escrow agency, it is inevitable that you join hands with an expert, experienced, and reliable service provider. If you are unable to spot such trustworthy escrow partner, the simple way to find one is to approach us. At Fadellapay, we are committed to connecting you with the top escrow agencies from all around the country.

We are a one-stop destination to avail the best in class escrow services

We are actually working as a bridge between the top escrow agencies in the country, and the parties, looking to hire the services of such providers. Ours is a company or a virtual association of the providers, offering escrow agencies on transactions of all types of products and services. Once, you are on our website, you can connect with the most reliable escrow agencies, within a few seconds and putting the minimum effort in this regard.

We have escrow partners that handle transactions of all types of products, assets and services

Not all the escrow agencies associate themselves with the transactions of all types of resources, services, and, products. However, being a company of such service providers, in our pool, there is the maximum count of escrow agencies. Hence, with us, you can easily find the parties that specialize in handling the transactions that you need to accomplish. For example, no matter you need an escrow for transactions related to the house property, vehicles, arts & crafts, or services like website development, we have the escrow agency that can handle the transaction with the highest expertise, securing your rights as a buyer or a seller. So, once, you will join hands with us, you would not need to look elsewhere to find an escrow agency.

Our services are open for all

No matter you are an individual or a Corporate, or an association or a charitable agency, or even if you are a tiny business, our services are meant for all. We can connect you with the most suitable escrow agency that can support you in completing the transaction in the perfect manner, within the minimum time. Even if you are a foreign national or a business from other nations, intending to deal with buyers and sellers in the US, or in other parts of the globe, we have agencies in our pool, who serves the area you want, and handle the transaction type that you intend to deal.

Our escrow partners handle transactions in all major international currencies, and we are basically a virtual network for the most reputed escrow agencies. Hence, dealing with us is not a matter of choice, but an inevitable act, should you want to protect your rights in any transaction as a buyer or a seller.

Why It’s Smart to Work with a Escrow Agent When Buying Or Selling

The Key To Your New Business

With us, you would enjoy the best escrow services and make the most delightful experience

If you have already availed the services of an escrow agency, but, you were not satisfied with it, you are welcome to deal with us. We can connect you with the most reliable and trustworthy service providers, who can offer the most delightful services to their clients. So, the next time you would look for such providers, take time out to visit our website, and find the most reliable service providers, putting the minimum effort and time. We have simplified the task of exploring these providers and we are sure, you are going to relish the superlative services from our escrow service partners.

We never ever compromise with the quality of our services

The key reason to hire the escrow agency from our website is that we always stay away from the mediocre agencies, offering the similar scopes of services. The complete satisfaction of our clients is the core objective of our business, and hence, we never ever make any compromise with the profile and the worthiness of the escrow agencies, partnering with us. Hence, it can never happen that with us, you will get connected with any mediocre service providers whose services may not produce your complete happiness and satisfaction.

We designate such escrow agencies that are the masters in handling the type of transaction you are into

In our pool, we have the most reputed providers of escrow agencies, handling transactions with all types of products and services, no matter the type of currency involved in the transaction. With us, you will get connected with the most reliable escrow agencies from all around the globe, and hence, we can connect you with the most suitable partners in all instances. With us, you will need the minimum time and effort to find the escrow service provider, and we have the most relevant solutions to all sorts of needs and requirements.

With us, you will always avail the services of the verified service providers, who have been offering the similar scopes of services for a significant span of time. All of our partners have proven track record for their services, meeting the expectations of the clients, and hence, you can always approach them with utmost good faith and confidence. We can certainly claim that we have simplified and streamlined the task of finding the top escrow agencies to the extent, as it was never before, even a few years back. Hence, you can always approach our service partners with utmost good faith.

We keep on adding new providers in our pool on an ongoing basis. Hence, each time you are availing our services, you can expect to find some new providers. All of our partners are professionally driven companies, and they give the utmost importance to the aspect of the satisfaction of their clients. Hence, the type of experience you will make with these providers, is impossible to expect elsewhere.

With our escrow service partners, you get to a win-win standing from the aspects of the service quality as well as the service fees, enjoying premium services within your spending plans.

How our clients can benefit from our services?

Global Security For Your Business

When it involves transactions of some fortune amount, and you want to secure your rights as a buyer or a seller, it is likely that you will look for escrow services. Explained in simple terms, escrow service providers are the neutral 3rd parties that oversees the transactions and handle the remittance of the money, as per the agreed terms and conditions between the buyer and the seller, and thus, secures the rights and interest of both these parties. Fadellapay is the one-stop destination to find the most reliable escrow agencies that can represent you in any transaction and secure your rights and interest, associated with the transaction.

What can you purchase using an escrow service?

Escrow services make it very easy for people and businesses of all calibers to conduct transactions and large purchases with security and safety in mind. Many people are uninformed and not properly educated about exactly how escrow services work and what you can purchase when using one. An escrow service is simply a legally binding agreement between two parties in which funds are held in a security deposit account until successful completion of a transaction. Escrow services protect sellers and buyers from the risk of having their money or assets stolen without property compensation or adhering to the terms initially set.

With an escrow service, you can purchase virtually anything because you are in control of contract terms and payment release criteria. Escrow services are not marketplaces nor are they institutions providing methods of payment, an escrow service serves the sole purpose of protecting and transferring already existing funds between two parties whether it be private or commercial.

You can set-up an escrow account for a car purchase, property acquisition, asset transfer, and more. There are no limits to what you can and can’t use an escrow service for as long as it’s legal. Any asset or physical item can be successfully purchased or transferred using an escrow service, all you have to do is set-up the initial deposit amount and contract.

Once your contract is established and your security deposit is received, the transaction is now in the hands of the two parties stated in the agreement. Escrow services do not directly mediate the transfer of an asset rather they simply hold and release the money once confirmation has been received from both parties that all contractual agreements have been met.

A custom escrow contact can be created to provide security between two individuals or corporations for any transaction type and amount. If you need access to a high-quality escrow agent but can’t seem to find one, can help you locate the right escrow agent who will be able to help you mediate any transaction you’re involved with. maintains a quality-controlled platform which allows you to set-up automatic escrow contracts that are then processed by reliable banking institutions. This makes it easy for you to avoid being scammed or stolen from by untrustworthy service providers, even helps you connect with leading escrow experts who can assist you with getting contract set-up and funds deposited.

The next time you plan on conducting a purchase of any magnitude or category, use and our leading escrow agency services to conduct hands-off reliable escrow transfers. Our recommended partners have worked with leading companies from across the globe in setting up security backed escrow accounts to conduct their business transactions.

With industry-leading encryption standards and a platform based on privacy, allows you to get the help you need in setting-up a trusted escrow deposit account to process your next transaction. Sign-up now to begin using the site and experiencing the peace of mind that brings to any transaction.

The benefits of using an escrow service

When you’re conducting a business transaction or private transfer, you need to add a layer of protection for yourself and the other parties involved. One of the easiest and most reliable ways to accomplish this is by using an escrow service to fund and process the transaction. An escrow service provides several benefits to both buyers and sellers who are conducting transactions that aren’t regulated by any large financial or lending institution.

Escrow services act as security regulators between corporations, private individuals, teams, and more who are in the process of conducting a monetary transfer. With an escrow service, your money or product is protected from fraud and theft by being held in a security deposit account until the transfer is confirmed to be completed successfully.

Commonly when two private parties are conducting a monetary transfer for an item or asset, they’ll simply establish a verbal agreement which is the only layer of protection until the transaction is carried out. This has proven to be a very unreliable way to secure funds or asset acquisition due to the fact that there is no legal backing protecting the parties involved.

With an escrow service, a legally binding agreement is established before any transaction can take place. The two parties involved will agree on the terms of the given transaction such as how much should be paid, what is to be transferred to the buyer upon payment, how the payment should be made, and when the payment should be released.

These parameters are the backbone of your escrow agreement which is binding to both parties. This protects everyone involved from the threat of having their items stolen or money fraudulently released. Once the agreement is set-up, the buyer will be required to make a security deposit which ensures that the seller will receive payment for their furnished goods or services.

Payment is only released once both parties have confirmed that the transaction was completed successfully. This provides an impenetrable layer of protection and security for all parties involved with transactions of all sizes and types. If you want to experience the benefits of using an escrow service to complete your transaction, can help you locate the right escrow agent who will be able to assist you in completing the transaction of your choice. is one of the leading escrow agency services available and our online system makes it easy for people everywhere to automatically process escrow transactions that are carried out by trusted financial institutions. We only accept verified escrow agent who have a proven track record of providing exceptional service and are legally credited to conduct escrow services.

If you are someone who is looking to conduct a transaction and need to find a reliable escrow service to help, will be able to handle your entire escrow transaction process with only a little bit of information required from your end. Don’t complete another transaction without using an escrow service to protect your funds and assets, can help effortlessly process verified escrow transactions that are safe and secure.

How to find a trusted escrow service

Conducting transaction in the real-world involves the use of several factors depending on the transaction type and monetary value. One of the most tried and tested ways that you can protect your investment or money from the threat of fraud and theft is by using a trusted escrow service. Escrow services provide a third-party regulator that acts as a security mechanism between two individuals or entities in order to conduct a transaction.

By using an escrow service to complete asset acquisitions or business purchases, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the odds of encountering fraudulent business practices. Finding a trusted escrow service can be a bit challenging especially if you don’t know what to look for. There are a few key indicators that can help you validate the safety and security of the escrow service you decide to use.

Most reputable escrow services are endorsed by large companies and well-known business organizations who allow them to add verified badges to their site. This is a really great indicator that the escrow service you’re choosing is legitimate, another great way to verify an escrow service is by performing a better business bureau check to see if they have any complaints on file.

One of the last and most effective ways to find a reputable escrow service is by using an escrow agency. is one of the leading escrow agency services available, Fadellapay can help you successfully and securely conduct any commercial or business transaction by connecting you with trusted escrow agents. provides automated escrow services which only require you to enter a transaction type and amount. Everything is conducted online under industry-leading security and encryption measures to protect your information. is perfect for those who have been trying to find a respected escrow service but haven’t been able to find the right fit. Fadellapay is partnered with some of the leading banking institutions in the business allowing them to connect purchasers, buyers, businesses, and more with the secure transaction method that they need.

Looking for a reputable escrow service by yourself can be quite tedious and time-consuming. By using a reliable service provider like Fadellapay, you’ll be able to save time and money by automatically being set-up with reliable financial institutions who can handle your transaction securely. Fadellapay lets you conduct a wide range of transaction types including asset purchases with simplicity, security, and ease.

Insure your purchases and transactions by using a reliable escrow service to store your funds until the transaction is fully complete. can help you initiate a trusted escrow transaction that will be processed with a verified financial institution. By using you’re able to simply set-up an escrow contract and automatically be paired with the right lending institution who can process the transfer.

Fadellapay works with leading banking institutions and financial lending companies to automatically handle any escrow transfer request you have. Never waste time with an untrustworthy escrow service again and make sure that your transaction is processed securely by using

How does work?

If you’ve ever tried completing an unsecured business or personal transaction before, you’re probably familiar with escrow services. Escrow services offer complete protection for any individual that is trying to process a transaction whether it be an asset transfer or large commercial purchase. Buyers and sellers involved in transactions with no escrow protection risk the chance of becoming a victim of fraud or theft due to no legal agreement ensuring the process of funds and physical assets. is a high-quality virtual escrow agent processing service that makes it convenient for anyone to conduct an insured transaction. Instead of searching for a reliable escrow agent on your own, automatically connects you with trusted escrow platforms that have been in business for years. By using you can avoid interacting with untrustworthy escrow agents and services that can actually put your transaction at more of a risk for theft. only processing transactions using reputable banks and other financial institutions. This protects our users from unscrupulous business deals and scams perpetrated by bad actors within the industry. works by using a few simple steps, firstly you need to register for an account on the site. This will allow you to begin creating transaction agreements and terms, transaction type, and transaction amount so your transaction can be automatically set-up with a reliable escrow provider.

With a account, you can set-up contracts as a buyer or seller in order to securely fund an asset transfer or acquisition. What makes so unique is the fact that anyone can sign up to being searching however when you establish a contract, only processes your transaction terms with trusted banks and financial vendor services.

This provides a default layer of protection for all users on the platform so that they only connect with reliable escrow agents who can assist. After the sign-up process, you can begin establishing custom transactions based on the type of item being transferred, the desired payment method, terms related to when and how the item should be released, and much more.

Once you set your initial contract parameters, the platform will begin connecting you with verified escrow agents who can help. is trusted by top companies across the world and provides high-quality service standards on a consistent basis. Regardless of how large or small, your transaction is, will be able to help you properly secure your funds before they are released under any circumstances.

With, you have total control over how and when you want to complete any transaction you need to process. After you finish your search, will automatically connect you with your selected escrow agent so you can begin establishing a contract and processing the funds. Never trust just anyone escrow service that you find on the internet, use a quality-controlled platform like to help you located trusted escrow agents who can provide the service that you need. is the easiest way to set-up verified escrow contracts.

How Does FadellaPay Escrow Services work ?

If you’ve heard of escrow services before, the chances are you’ve probably also wondered how they work. Escrow services provide a layer of security for people who plan on completing transactions of all magnitudes and sizes. An escrow service acts as a deposit security system for your money during a business transaction and protects you from potentially being stolen from or falling victim to fraud. There are several steps involved with setting up an escrow account and agreement, in this article, you’ll find out all of the details related to escrow services and exactly how they work.

Before you deposit any money into an escrow account, the buyer and seller must come to an agreement about the terms and conditions of the given transaction. The great thing about escrow services is that either the buyer or seller can initiate the transactions which give you the option of flexibility. Once the seller and buyer come to an agreement on the terms of their transaction, depositing funds is the next step.

Depending on the escrow service you decide to use, you’ll be asked to deposit money into the escrow account by way of credit card, debit card, bank wire, check, or money transfer. Certain escrow services offer more digital payment options however you need to check with your selected escrow provider to confirm. Once the deposit is loaded into the escrow account, your escrow agent may apply a fee or assess how much a fee would be based on the amount deposited.

After this assessment, the transaction begins taking place which required the seller to successfully transfer the given item or asset into the hand of the buyer. Any escrow transaction that involves the purchase or transfer of assets or business holdings will require that all legality be confirmed prior to establishing an escrow account.

Once the escrow agreement is set-up and the initial deposit is made, the only thing left to do is complete the transaction. Once the buyer receives his/her product listed in the selling agreement the funds initially deposited into escrow will be released to the seller. This process makes it super easy to conduct a secured transaction that protects both parties involved.

If you’re having trouble finding a reputable escrow agent near you, can help you locate the perfect option. is an online escrow agency service that makes it easy for you to set-up an escrow transfer without the hassle of finding an escrow agent. You simply sign up for a profile on, enter the transaction amount, then enter the transaction type and Fadellapay will automatically process your escrow request with a trusteed provider. has relationships with some of the largest companies in the world making them a trusted source for reputable escrow agents. Anyone can sign up and create an account which will allow you to access the transaction set-up page so that you can begin completing escrow transactions effortlessly. The next time you plan on conducting a large transaction or asset transfer, use to help you find the best escrow service for your needs.

Protect your money and investment by clearly outlining all conditions on when payment should be released from escrow to ensure a smooth process.

How can help you find an escrow service?

Using an escrow service to conduct otherwise unsecured transactions is a great way to protect yourself and possessions from fraud. Escrow services are known for adding a solid barrier of security between two parties wishing to conduct a transaction however they do come with their downfalls. A sad reality is that not all escrow companies are created equal and there are escrow agents out who are shady and underhanded. Because of this, you need to know how to properly search for, locate, and contact a reputable escrow agent who is professional and reliable.

With, you gain access to a network of trusted escrow agents from across the world who can help you successfully complete any transaction. has built relationships with some of the top companies and vendors in the world making them one of the leading escrow agent services available. gives you a platform to automatically process verified escrow transactions for any purchase you’re conducting. Typically, searching for a quality escrow agent requires a lot of time and independent research which can become very time consuming and frustrating. takes the hassle out of the process by processing your escrow request automatically based on your transaction amount and type. By using, you’ll be able to instantly find the right escrow service to help you secure your transaction without having to speak with them directly. is a platform that has lasting relationships with some of the most respected financial institutions. That means that every escrow transaction processed through the site is protected with bank level security and confidentiality. With, you can rest assured that there is an escrow agent ready and capable of handling the transaction you need to complete.

There is no risk involved and your safety is our number one priority, with the help of our expert escrow agency services you’ll be able to set-up an escrow deposit account in no time. can help you locate escrow agents based on your intended transaction amount of type, from that point on you’ll be protected by our industry grade encryption standards and privacy protocols until you successfully purchase or sell the item in question.

There is no need to put your safety and privacy at risk by using unknown escrow agents who may possibly have bad intentions. Avoid mishaps and bad business transactions by using and our trusted escrow locator services so that you can smoothly and secure complete any transaction you want. is one of the most trusted escrow agency services available on the web and our online portal makes it easy to connect with top escrow agents across the world waiting to help you securely complete any transaction. Start protecting your money and assets by using to locate the right escrow agent to help you.

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FadellaPay can be used for all types of transactions, from buying one of our nominated partners
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Simply choose the transaction type and once your funds are secured with one of our nominated agents, its safe and secure until the completion of the transaction.
FadellaPay is the online payment portal, we deal with a number of Escrow agents ensuring your funds are safely deposited.