With FadellaPay, you would enjoy the best escrow services and make the most delightful experience

FadellaPAy.com Escrow Services – Secured your funds in a Trust account.

With us, you would enjoy the best escrow services and make the most delightful experience

If you have already availed the services of an escrow agency, but, you were not satisfied with it, you are welcome to deal with us. We can connect you with the most reliable and trustworthy service providers, who can offer the most delightful services to their clients. So, the next time you would look for such providers, take time out to visit our website, and find the most reliable service providers, putting the minimum effort and time. We have simplified the task of exploring these providers and we are sure, you are going to relish the superlative services from our escrow service partners.

We never ever compromise with the quality of our services

The key reason to hire the escrow agency from our website is that we always stay away from the mediocre agencies, offering the similar scopes of services. The complete satisfaction of our clients is the core objective of our business, and hence, we never ever make any compromise with the profile and the worthiness of the escrow agencies, partnering with us. Hence, it can never happen that with us, you will get connected with any mediocre service providers whose services may not produce your complete happiness and satisfaction.

We designate such escrow agencies that are the masters in handling the type of transaction you are into

In our pool, we have the most reputed providers of escrow agencies, handling transactions with all types of products and services, no matter the type of currency involved in the transaction. With us, you will get connected with the most reliable escrow agencies from all around the globe, and hence, we can connect you with the most suitable partners in all instances. With us, you will need the minimum time and effort to find the escrow service provider, and we have the most relevant solutions to all sorts of needs and requirements.

With us, you will always avail the services of the verified service providers, who have been offering the similar scopes of services for a significant span of time. All of our partners have proven track record for their services, meeting the expectations of the clients, and hence, you can always approach them with utmost good faith and confidence. We can certainly claim that we have simplified and streamlined the task of finding the top escrow agencies to the extent, as it was never before, even a few years back. Hence, you can always approach our service partners with utmost good faith.

We keep on adding new providers in our pool on an ongoing basis. Hence, each time you are availing our services, you can expect to find some new providers. All of our partners are professionally driven companies, and they give the utmost importance to the aspect of the satisfaction of their clients. Hence, the type of experience you will make with these providers, is impossible to expect elsewhere.

With our escrow service partners, you get to a win-win standing from the aspects of the service quality as well as the service fees, enjoying premium services within your spending plans.

Key points to check before you hire an escrow agency

Transparency and clarity are the main conditions that determine that you will enjoy the experience the superlative services from a service provider or not. This holds true, in the instances you will deal with the escrow agencies as well. Hence, while looking for such providers, you must approach the process being wise and considerate. Else, you will not reap the desired satisfaction and happiness. Here are a few points that you must clarify with the escrow agency that you must clarify, before partnering with the agency.

Check the forms of payment modes that the escrow agency accepts

If you are the buyer of any products, services or resources, you need to deposit the payment due to the seller/service provider to the account of the agency. So, you need to check, the payment modes that the agency accepts. The top agencies for escrow services usually accept payments in modes like Credit Cards, online fund transfer, money orders, Paypal payments, and checks in some cases. You will get the liberty to make the payment to the escrow agency in the form that suits you the best. You need to check, if you require paying any additional fees for availing the services, along with the fund you transfer to the service provider.

1. You need to check the disbursal options offered by the provider

If you the seller of any products, services, or, resources, you need to pick an option for the disbursal option. The option in this regard is same as the options mentioned in the paragraphs above. Depending on your choice in this regard, there will be differences in the time to receive the payment from the escrow agency, after the buyer gives consent about the transfer of funds. The top providers can ensure safe and secure fund transfer to the recipients, irrespective of their location.

2.The service payable to the escrow service agency and who should shoulder this liability?

Another key point to check is the rate of the service fees payable to the escrow agency. Usually, this is done at a certain percentage of the total transaction value. In some cases, the provider can charge at a flat rate. Likewise, you need to find, whether it is the buyer or the seller who needs to shoulder the responsibility for paying the escrow agency. Usually, the party engaging the service of the escrow agency needs to shoulder the responsibility in this regard. However, in some cases, the payment to the escrow agency, is shared by the buyer and the seller equally, depending on mutual consent. We are there to assist you in finding the best in class escrow services, within the modest rates. Our website is a comprehensive platform to connect with the most reliable parties, who can protect the rights and interest of the buyers and the sellers to the optimum extent. Most importantly, you can find the best service providers, putting the minimum effort and time, and without any need to get into any hassles and hardships.

How can Fadellapay.com help you find an escrow service?

Using an escrow service to conduct otherwise unsecured transactions is a great way to protect yourself and possessions from fraud. Escrow services are known for adding a solid barrier of security between two parties wishing to conduct a transaction however they do come with their downfalls. A sad reality is that not all escrow companies are created equal and there are escrow agents out who are shady and underhanded. Because of this, you need to know how to properly search for, locate, and contact a reputable escrow agent who is professional and reliable.

With Fadellapay.com, you gain access to a network of trusted escrow agents from across the world who can help you successfully complete any transaction. Fadellapay.com has built relationships with some of the top companies and vendors in the world making them one of the leading escrow agent services available.

Fadellapay.com gives you a platform to automatically process verified escrow transactions for any purchase you’re conducting. Typically, searching for a quality escrow agent requires a lot of time and independent research which can become very time consuming and frustrating.

Fadellapay.com takes the hassle out of the process by processing your escrow request automatically based on your transaction amount and type. By using Fadellapay.com, you’ll be able to instantly find the right escrow service to help you secure your transaction without having to speak with them directly.

Fadellapay.com is a platform that has lasting relationships with some of the most respected financial institutions. That means that every escrow transaction processed through the site is protected with bank level security and confidentiality. With Fadellapay.com, you can rest assured that there is an escrow agent ready and capable of handling the transaction you need to complete.

There is no risk involved and your safety is our number one priority, with the help of our expert escrow agency services you’ll be able to set-up an escrow deposit account in no time. Fadellapay.com can help you locate escrow agents based on your intended transaction amount of type, from that point on you’ll be protected by our industry grade encryption standards and privacy protocols until you successfully purchase or sell the item in question.

There is no need to put your safety and privacy at risk by using unknown escrow agents who may possibly have bad intentions. Avoid mishaps and bad business transactions by using Fadellapay.com and our trusted escrow locator services so that you can smoothly and secure complete any transaction you want.

Fadellapy.com is one of the most trusted escrow agency services available on the web and our online portal makes it easy to connect with top escrow agents across the world waiting to help

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FadellaPay can be used for all types of transactions, from buying one of our nominated partners
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FadellaPay is the online payment portal, we deal with a number of Escrow agents ensuring your funds are safely deposited.