How FadellaPay can support the Buyers and Sellers

How an escrow agency supports the buyers and the sellers across any transaction?

No matter you are a buyer or a seller of any products and services, when you get to a transaction, you definitely stand a significant extent of risk. For example, if you invest in any house property for sale, without verifying its worthiness for your money, or delivering goods and services to any buyers, you stand the risk of non-realization of the money you deserve. Such risks and threats can be minimized, engaging an escrow, who will ensure that you get the adequate values in return for your money, or you are never ever cheated financially. Let’s explore how an escrow has to benefit its clients.

Sets up a common code of conduct of the transaction of the goods, services and, resources

Why do ambiguity and differences emerge between the buyers and the sellers in the course of any transaction? The simple reason is that, there are no transparent terms and conditions that will direct the entire ball game across the course of the transaction. The escrow agency sets up such terms and conditions on mutual consent of the buyer and the seller. If ambiguity emerges at any stage, the escrow can sort out such differences and bring the parties on a common platform.

Works as a custodian of the fund on behalf of the seller or the service provider

The escrow will take the custody of the fund on the behalf of the seller and the service provider. Being neutral parties, they will never ever get into any acts that might violate the financial interest of the service provider or the seller. Hence, these parties can stand assured that they will never ever be deprived of the money that they deserve, in return for their products, services of resources.

Oversees that the buyer or the client is getting the right values for their money

The escrow is the common friend, for both the buyer and the seller in any transaction. Just as these experts ensures that the sellers and the service providers are never deprived of the money they owe, likewise, an escrow ensures that the buyer or the client gets the delivery of the goods, products, or resources as per the mutually agreed standard. This way, for a buyer, an escrow can ensure that they receive the adequate values in return for their money.

Thus, an escrow has to benefit the buyers and sellers alike, so that the rights and interest of both of these parties are retained.

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