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We are a one-stop destination to get connected with the best escrow partners for any transaction

As a buyer or a seller of any resources or products or a consumer or a service provider for any services, engaging an escrow agency is surely a smart way to secure your interest. But, the question is, where will you find such a reliable escrow partner? If you really aspire to get the benefits from the services of an escrow agency, it is inevitable that you join hands with an expert, experienced, and reliable service provider. If you are unable to spot such trustworthy escrow partner, the simple way to find one is to approach us. At Fadellapay, we are committed to connecting you with the top escrow agencies from all around the country.

We are a one-stop destination to avail the best in class escrow services

We are actually working as a bridge between the top escrow agencies in the country, and the parties, looking to hire the services of such providers. Ours is a company or a virtual association of the providers, offering escrow agencies on transactions of all types of products and services. Once, you are on our website, you can connect with the most reliable escrow agencies, within a few seconds and putting the minimum effort in this regard.

We have escrow partners that handle transactions of all types of products, assets and services

Not all the escrow agencies associate themselves with the transactions of all types of resources, services, and, products. However, being a company of such service providers, in our pool, there is the maximum count of escrow agencies. Hence, with us, you can easily find the parties that specialize in handling the transactions that you need to accomplish. For example, no matter you need an escrow for transactions related to the house property, vehicles, arts & crafts, or services like website development, we have the escrow agency that can handle the transaction with the highest expertise, securing your rights as a buyer or a seller. So, once, you will join hands with us, you would not need to look elsewhere to find an escrow agency.

Our services are open for all

No matter you are an individual or a Corporate, or an association or a charitable agency, or even if you are a tiny business, our services are meant for all. We can connect you with the most suitable escrow agency that can support you in completing the transaction in the perfect manner, within the minimum time. Even if you are a foreign national or a business from other nations, intending to deal with buyers and sellers in the US, or in other parts of the globe, we have agencies in our pool, who serves the area you want, and handle the transaction type that you intend to deal.

Our escrow partners handle transactions in all major international currencies, and we are basically a virtual network for the most reputed escrow agencies. Hence, dealing with us is not a matter of choice, but an inevitable act, should you want to protect your rights in any transaction as a buyer or a seller.

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