Questions about escrow services

Frequently asked Questions about escrow services

Engaging an escrow agency is definitely a wise move to secure the rights and interest of the buyers and the sellers, across the transaction with any products and services. The escrow agency will work in a manner that, neither the buyer is deprived of the values that he/she deserves in return for the money, nor, the seller is cheated of the money that he/she legally owes. At Fadellapay, we are committed to connecting the parties with the most reliable and trustworthy agencies for escrow services. Here are a few questions that you are likely to wonder about, before engaging an escrow agency.

Does the escrow represent the buyer of the seller?

As a matter fact, the escrow is a neutral party that works to secure the rights and interest of both the parties. These agencies designs the terms and conditions of the transactions, based on mutual consent of the buyer and the seller, and in case of any ambiguity, they can negotiate between both the parties, for the settlement, protecting the buyers and sellers alike. As sellers can stand assured that the escrow will act as a custodian of the money they owe so that they are never ever cheated, likewise, they ensure that buyers need not to settle anything lesser for the values that they deserve, in return of their money.

How much time it might take to complete the complete process?

Well, this will depend on various factors. For example, the type of product or service in transaction, the delivery time and the inspection time that the parties mutually decided, the payment option, opted by the buyer, and the mode of disbursement that the seller will select. Depending on these factors, in some cases, the transaction gets completed within a few hours, while it might take up to a few days in other cases.

How much service fees is to be paid to the escrow agency for its services?

Again, this depends on factors like the value of the transaction and the type of the service or product in transactions. Usually, the escrow agency will charge a certain percentage of the transaction value, or they might quote a flat rate. This clause should be decided between the client and the agency, before engaging its services. The service fees charged for escrow services are likely to vary from one agency to another.

Join hands with us, and we will connect you with the most reliable and trustworthy agency that can offer you the best escrow services at the modest rates. We have a large count of escrow agencies in our pool, and we would connect you with the party that is the most suitable to handle the case, depending on the type of the product or services, and the value of the transaction.

Our partner escrow agencies are handling transactions of all types of products and services in all the major global currencies, and they charge the most competitive service fees. This ensures that your rights and interests and completely safeguarded, and you can complete the transactions in the most profitable and safe manner.

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