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How Does Escrow Work ?

Before you deposit any money into an escrow account, the buyer and seller must come to an agreement about the terms and conditions of the given transaction. The great thing about escrow services is that either the buyer or seller can initiate the transactions which give you the option of flexibility. Once the seller and buyer come to an agreement on the terms of their transaction, depositing funds is the next step.

5 Steps for SAFE and SMOOTH transaction

Let us see a real-life example of escrow at work : John want to purchase a website and he is really concern, John think it may not that profitable as the seller claim or maybe the seller is not the real owner John open transaction with and the seller agreed to the terms, next step is on fadellapay side thy need to check the seller to make sure that everything is legit and only then thy approve the transaction, NEXT STEP the buyer need to secure the funds with fadellapay. the money goes into a trust account until the buyer received 100% rights to the website/business.

Escrow Agency - Make sure your money is safe with us

Tammy visits an ad-listing website seeking to purchase an established business. To understand how risky this purchase can be, lets analyze Tammy next steps:- She does not know the actual condition and numbers for the business She is worried the business dosnt make money as the owner claim and she don't know how to validate the numbers. It is unsafe to carry large amounts of money to a stranger's meeting or the seller live in another country Tammy looked for a different solution then she notices the seller can accept escrow payments, so she sets up an escrow transaction with, Tammy open the transaction and specified the terms and conditions and requests for Fadellapay to check the seller business information. Upon delivery of the business, she inspects its condition and specifications before authorizing payment to the seller.

Selling Car Transaction

Selling your car ? is here to help when you open transaction for buying or selling cars its easy, simple and most important secure before we taking any step fadellapay will verify the ownership and will ake sure that seller own the car and we will wait until the buyer have the ownership certificate from the DMV only then fadellapay will send the funds to the seller until then the funds will stay in our account SAFE and SECURE.

School Funds Raising

School Funds Raising : you can collect funds for books, gifts for your teacher or any other reason we are here to protect your funds just open account and follow the instruction. will make sure your funds is Safe and Secure.

Escrow agency Services

Escrow Agency Services - can find the right Escrow Service for your transaction.

All Escro Services offer all Escrow Services we ensure to deposit your funds in a trust and secure account until we verified that you received the business or goods. is simple, safe and secure platform.

Safe and Secure

safe and secure escrow transaction.

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